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About Us

New Frontiers of Technology
Krown Laboratory and Referral Centre (K-Lab) is a medical laboratory dedicated to providing fast and accurate laboratory test results using the most advanced technology available. This includes equipment from internationally reputed companies like Roche (U.S.A.), Nikon (Japan), Orphee (Switzerland), Apdia (Belgium), Griener BioOne (Austria), and Laboratory grade furniture made up of Trespa materials (Netherlands). Additionally, a 25-member team of highly skilled professionals use internationally approved methods to ensure that the results are precise & accurate.
Preventing any chance of error
Our spacious and exceptionally clean establishment is equipped with bi-directional lab information system software to reduce any transcription errors. Calibration of equipment and reagents is performed periodically with use of necessary controls. Similarly, the integration of fully automated equipment and information technology minimizes human error. A 3-layer power backup system guarantees uninterrupted cold chain and work schedule.

Ensuring quality assurance
Quality assurance is, of course, foremost on our mind, and internal control/calibration is conducted on a regular basis. Bar-coding of samples ensures no mix-up in the pre-analytical phase. Besides this, we participate in the External Quality Assurance (EQAS) program for external monitoring of our results. Even the room temperature is regulated with A/Cs in the whole facility. In the microbiology department, 100% fresh air supply through AHU and use of bio-safety cabinet prevents any chances of contamination.
300 tests and counting
K-Lab is fully capable of covering a wide range of tests, some of which were not possible in Nepal earlier. We have introduced more than 75 tests for the first time in the country. Many specialized tests involving the kidney, the liver, the heart, and the endocrine system, as well as tests for tumor, infectious disease, and auto-immune system are also part of our repertoire. Only a few rare and special tests are outsourced to an accredited laboratory.
Prevention is the key
Sedentary lifestyle, junk food, and undue stress, along with polluted environment and food adulteration, have resulted in a situation ripe with the possibility of acquiring disease. Lifestyle related conditions like Obesity and high blood pressure are common today, and there is an increase in cases of diabetes and heart disease. Similarly, different cancers are encountered more frequently in people today. It is not only that such diseases are serious; these are also very expensive to treat. The earlier one knows about one’s health problems, the better are the chances of treatment. Indeed, “prevention is better than cure”. At K-Lab, we provide you with accurate results of many tests that will help you to keep your health in check.
Exclusive Tests available with us :

  • Food Detective: Food Intolerance Test from Omega UK
  • SFT: Sperm Function Test for its Fructose Quantity and Quality, Morphology and Vitality, NCD and Acrosome Integrity.
  • AMH: Anti Mullerian Hormone
  • HIV Combi, Anti-CCP, Vitamin D and Vitamin B12

We cater customized packages for different age group too, such as

  • Kids Health Packages.
  • Adolescent Health Screening Packages.
  • Comprehensive Health Packages: Bronze, Silver and Gold Packages for Males and Females)
  • Elderly Health Screening Packages.

Different Packages for the health-conscious:

  • Hormone Panel
  • Diabetes Panel
  • Obesity Panel
  • Fatigue Panel